• Kitty Moffett

Model for a day...sort of...

Most recently I was privileged to be photographed by my very talented friend Sara Fletcher. Its was a fun filled day with her and my best friend (and muse) Meredith. See they both decided I needed professional head-shots for my website because the selfies I had up here just weren't cutting it. To be honest, there is something about me most of you don't know...I don't like having my picture taken. Selfies I can handle, so I guess it's more of a control freak thing lol. Though I am pretty sure this is the case for most photographers.

The day was filled with laughter, dogs, a cute little kiddo and most of all fun and friendship! Sara made me feel comfortable and most of all myself (as you can see in the photos). I cant thank her and Meredith enough for making me feel amazing that day, but I have a feeling my molding days are over. Now I know it was just head-shots, but in the end I will leave the Modeling to my muses and continue to live behind the lens where i am more me.


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