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Resume and Testimonials


Feature Editorial Spread : Sugared Kiss Magazine Issue 3 - 2019

‘Plumage' Editorial Spread : Dark Beauty Magazine Issue 39 - 2014

‘Courtesan' Editorial Spread : Jute Magazine Vol 2 – 2013

Vogue Italia On-line 2012


Group Showing Gallery Exhibitions

‘Beautiful Darkness’ : 6th Annual Members Exhibition Los Angeles Center of Photography 2019

'Anabel Lee' : Gallery Azul ‘Edgar Allen Poe Show' 2017

‘Ophelia' : Creative Portrait Exhibition Los Angeles Center of Photography 2016

‘Isis’ : Getty Underground Gallery 2015

"Working with MissFitPhoto for the past 10+ years has been a creative and rewarding experience. She approaches each photo shoot with original innovative ideas. Truly possessing a visionary style all her own. MissFitPhoto is gifted both behind the lens and in front. Making everyone from the assistant, to the model, makeup & styling team feel like they are all part of the collaborative process. I can not recommend booking her enough. You are sure to walk away from her shoot with inspired images." Meredith Molinari

"In 2020, I’ve made a promise to myself to start doing things outside my comfort zone. My first foray into the things I would never in a million years do category was to get photos taken with Kitty. I can't say enough about how incredible she made me feel throughout this entire process. She immediately felt like one of my best friends who I had known for years. She made me feel comfortable and confident and fully capable of anything.After a blast of a day, running around her apartment in underwear, I nervously waited to get the photos back.

I DIDN’T EVEN RECOGNIZE MYSELF. In a good way, though. I finally saw in myself all the confidence and badass-ness that I’d always felt when I was PM’ing a film. Until looking at those pictures, my body had never matched the attitude I wanted to exude. Until looking at those pictures, I didn’t believe that I could ever be 100% who I believe I’m capable of being.

I am at my heaviest and most out of shape I’ve been in a long time. I chose recently to break from endurance races and start over in an industry that demands every ounce of my physical and mental energy. Finally coming to grips with something that has hounded me for most of my life and seeing myself as… beautiful… hit me at the exact right time. Now I have these pictures as a reminder of how far I've come and how proud of myself I am. And each and every woman out there is capable of looking at themselves the same way. If you have the chance, I cannot recommend enough to spend the day with Kitty and let her make you feel like the best version of yourself, too." Veronica


"MissFitPhoto is the absolute best! I haven’t spent much time in front of the camera, but she made me feel very comfortable throughout my first photoshoot. My confidence grew tenfold that day! She has incredible creativity and vision, and is able to bring the model’s personality out in her photos, which makes every one of her photoshoots beautiful and unique. If you’re considering getting photos done, think of Kitty at MissFitPhoto first. You’ll be amazed at the experience and the results alike." Allegra


"Kitty is truly an amazing photographer; she has the rare ability to create both stunning images that cater to the needs of the shoot, and making them artistic. She truly has an eye, and can create a mood in an image that is indescribable. I’ve shot with many photographers, but no one compares to her. She truly talented, not to mention a beautiful and amazing person. I first shot with her about 3 years ago, prior to owning my own studio. I now send all of my girls to her, and they’re always stunned by talent and creativity. I haven’t gone to another photographer since using Kitty. I highly recommend her, promise you won’t be disappointed." Kayla

"I have shot with MissFitPhoto several times over the years. Kitty Moffett is the best. She knows how to work with women—she knows how to make us feel beautiful and comfortable. If you work with her, you can be confident that you will get stunning images. Her style is distinct and gorgeous. Just looking at her portfolio will light up your imagination. I recommend her to everyone who talks to me about getting photos done.” Shannon Philips

"Kitty is an absolute delight to work with! She makes it easy and comfortable to shoot any style. Her editing skills also simply cannot be beat! If you can dream it, she can do it." Mac Beauvais

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